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Fiberglass stop logs

Fiberglass Stop Logs

Our Heavy Duty Fiberglass Stop Logs have been used successfully by engineers in a wide range of applications for over 18 years. Stop logs are in service throughout the United States and overseas in wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, fish hatcheries, sludge drying beds, and composting facilities and for lagoon control, flood control, and diversion. Plasti-Fab Heavy Duty Stop Logs feature a unique seamless construction that fully surrounds an internal structural skeleton. This means that there are no seams, cracks, or ridges from glued or mechanically fastened parts that can allow seepage to penetrate the interior steel support structure. Wooden stop logs were used before our grand-fathers were born, why not today? Wood swells as it takes on moisture, and the ends are easily damaged after which decay may start. Most of all, wooden stop logs are generally made from old growth redwood or cyprus which is a diminishing resource. Seals may be affixed to copolymer logs thus affecting a good seal which is difficult at best on wooden stop logs.

Key Features

  • Maximum leakage of less than 0.03 GPM per linear wetted foot when installed in Plasti- Fab Guide Frames under full design head
  • Available in sizes in excess of 20 feet wide
  • Engineered for Plasti-Fab Guide Frames or for use with existing guide structures
  • Dual Neoprene or EPDM seals on logs
  • Two-point seals in Guide Frames or on logs
  • Stop Log sets available with varying log heights within the set
  • Lifting pins assembly passes through entire thickness of log completely FRP encapsulated


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