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Parshall Flumes

Parshall Flumes

Used in monitoring sewage, plant effluent, storm water and irrigation water the Parshall flume is still the best known and most widely used for permanent installations. It is available in throat sizes from 1 inch to 12 feet. Parshall flumes are available with numerous accessories and adaptations to match your flow and installation requirements. Made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) Plasti-Fab Parshall flumes offer optimum corrosion resistance and are the industry leader in measuring flow. For extremely severe industrial effluents they are also available in Vinyl Ester, stainless steel or other special materials as needed.

Parshall flumes solve a broad range of flow and installation problems:

  • Permanent installation in concrete or earthen channels
  • “Montana” or short section flumes for certain space critical locations
  • Free standing flumes with Wing Wall or End Adapters
  • Ha Head Gage – permanently molded into the side of the flume ensures a smooth sidewall
  • Nested Flumes for planned future expansion or downsizing due to water conservation
  • End Adapters for Piped Installation – From 1″ to 36″ throat size
  • Packaged Metering Manholes for below grade installation – From 1″ to 36″ throat
  • “Magic Bottom” to cure Submergence or Leveling problems
  • Tranquilizer Racks or Energy Absorbing units to reduce turbulence or velocity
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Parshall Flumes
Parshall Flumes 1 – 2” Spec
Parshall Flumes
Parshall Flumes 3 – 48” Spec
Parshall Flumes
Parshall Flumes 60 – 144” Spec