Fiberglass Slide Gates and Guides, Flap Gates, Weir Gates, Penstock

High strength, quality engineered composite gates and guides made to close tolerances and to stringent design specifications with minimal leakage. Many major industrial companies regularly come to Plasti-Fab for design and construction of specialty fiberglass gates. If your project requires penstock, consider the many advantages of fiberglass gates and utilize the experience of Plasti-Fab in application and design of FRP gates and guides.

Long Life - Low Maintenance - Plasti-Fab Fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) gates and guides are virtually maintenance free. They resist corrosion and never need painting.

Smooth Operation - Low Friction - Light Weight - FRP guides and gates have a low coefficient of friction. Most of all, FRP guide frames do not gall or get rough due to friction or chemical attack. FRP is well known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. This light weight feature is advantageous during installation and operation, especially noticeable with hand pull stop plates.

Molded Construction - Superior Design - All Plasti-Fab gates are molded to the exact size required. Molding results in gates with no exposed fibers or cut edges. Molded gates are flat and smooth. Rigid high density polyisocyanurate foam is molded into the gate forming a totally encapsulated structural sandwich to produce a gate with the design strength required.

Easy Installation - Plasti-Fab gates and guides are factory assembled with rigid corners. Gates and guides are assembled and tested at the factory and shipped ready to install. Surface gate guides simply fasten to the face of the concrete using anchor bolts. Embedded guides can be installed during channel construction or grouted into a blocked out slot in the channel.

    Types of Gates

    Flap Gate
    The Plasti-Fab flexible rubber Flap Gate is the answer for applications requiring corrosion resistant equipment suitable for sea water and most low pH water. Simple construction and light weight make installation and maintenance easy.
    Stop Gate

    Plasti-Fab stop gates are individually molded using fiberglass reinforced polyester resin containing UV inhibitors to the exact size required for each application.

    Weir Gate
    The function of a down-opening weir gate is to control the upstream water level, and/or pace the amount of discharge from a water system.
    Wedging Titeseal Gate
    The Wedging TitesealĀ® Slide Gate is commonly used as an emergency shutoff gate. Developed and patented by John Vitas at Plasti-Fab, it is the tightest sealing slide gate available on the market today.
    Heavy Duty Titeseal Gate
    The Heavy Duty Titeseal Copolymer Slide Gate is a non-metallic, corrosion resistant gate that provides the engineer with a superior alternative to stainless steel and cast iron slide gates, often called sluice gates.
    slide gate
    Industrial Slide gates are commonly used in open channel and moderate head applications to isolate equipment, divert flow, close off a wall opening, or cover a pipe that is flush with the wall.