J-Seal vs UHMW

UHMW Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW) is commonly used in stainless steel sluice gate seat-seal designs. The UHMW seat is placed on the gate frame and either a round neoprene rope, cord, or flat piece is [...]

Plasti-Fab Packaged Metering Manhole (PMM)

The Plasti-Fab fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) PMM was an industry first and remains the most complete and easy-to-install flow measurement package available. Plasti-Fab produces superior quality PMMs by maintaining complete fabrication in-house using only [...]

Vacuum infusion

Vacuum infusion is a variation of vacuum bagging where the resin is introduced into the mold after the vacuum has pulled the bag down and compacted the laminate. The method is defined as having [...]

Infusion vs. Glue

Infusion Versus Glue-on Panel.... Which would you prefer in your plant? Glue on Panels Infusion Glue on Panels Glue on Panels With this method flat sheets of 6mm FRP [...]

Plasti-Fab Contract Manufacturing

Plasti-Fab manufactures custom structural composite products using some of the largest fabrication set ups available. Composites are ideal for parts that require internal structures, two-sided finishes, and complex angles. Our composite manufacturing techniques offer terrific strength [...]

Fiberglass Strength

Plastic is a synthetic material that can made into almost any shape. Plastic is commonly found in water bottles and bags that tend to be very flimsy. However, when you add a glass fiber reinforcement [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Use FRP

1. Corrosion Resistance Are you worried about corrosion? Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is the material for you. Paired with the right resin, FRP can hold up in the most corrosive environments. Hydrogen Sulfide, [...]

Corbin Hutchinson Our Marketing Manager

Plasti-Fab is pleased to introduce Corbin Hutchinson as our new Marketing Manager for Plasti-Fab, Inc. and Plasti-Fab International.  Corbin is a recent graduate of Montana State University with a double major in Marketing and Management while [...]

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