There will be much to celebrate in Tualatin as Plasti-Fab marks its 45th year in business this June.  The U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor states that only one-quarter of businesses survive more than 15 years of existence.  This places Plasti-Fab is in an elite group – not only are they celebrating this achievement – it also comes at a time when the company is thriving!

In 1969 engineer and entrepreneur John Vitas founded the company in his garage, and now the company occupies over 50,000 square feet of production and office space on Tualatin-Sherwood Road.  Employing 60 people, Plasti-Fab has become a global leader in engineered composite Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) fluid control equipment for industry and infrastructure. From the Tualatin facility, Plasti-Fab serves the global marketplace.

“This is an exciting time for Plasti-Fab and our team,” stated Kurt Ostermiller, the company’s CEO. “Forty-five years of consistent business is a testament to our employee’s dedication, talents and focus on quality.  We envision another forty-five years of growth here in Tualatin.”

World business

Plasti-Fab has witnessed steady business domestically as well as a significant growth in the international market as water issues have become a world-wide priority.  Plasti-Fab’s Hong Kong and the Middle East sales continue to grow at an astounding rate.  The corrosion-resistant products manufactured by the company are in high in demand for these markets, especially in applications with high-humidity, seawater, harsh environmental conditions, chemicals and other corrosive conditions.

Oregon Manufacturing

“It’s exciting to have an Oregon manufacturer with John’s legacy serve the world-wide marketplace,” stated Ron Schneberger, Director of International Markets.  “It shows the company’s dedication to serving our customers and partnering with nearby businesses who are equally dedicated to our mission.”


Safety is a high priority for the company’s employees.  July will mark 500 consecutive days without a Loss-Time Accident.  This statistic attests to the diligence and respect for safety that permeates the entire Plasti-Fab team. In monthly Safety Committee meetings, Ostermiller’s favorite admonition is “Every day we walk out of here in the same shape we walked in.”

Harry Reed, Plasti-Fab’s Chief Engineer, has spent nearly 40 years with the company. “Personal relationships have always been a priority with Plasti-Fab,” Reed stated.  “Our business is creating opportunities and solving issues with our partners.  Strong relationships make it especially enjoyable.”

According to Ostermiller, “The Company’s continued success lies in our people and stressing quality in every aspect of our system.  From the project quotation through installation and follow-up, we continually stress customer service in order to guarantee that our customer’s expectations are exceeded.  This is something that founder John Vitas demanded and we are proud to continue to build upon that legacy.”  Vitas continues to be a valued contributor and mentor to Ostermiller and the company’s management.

Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden is a supporter of the Company.  “For 45 years, Plasti-Fab has been a foundation business in our community.  Their longevity and growth has contributed in unprecedented manner to the economic viability of our city and demonstrates our partnership between government and industry.  We are proud they have chosen Tualatin as their home and look forward to their continued growth here for decades to come,” he stated.

To celebrate the 45 year milestone, the Plasti-Fab team will hold a food drive to serve the Tualatin School House Pantry.  “We support the local community of Tualatin as well as the surrounding areas proudly,” stated Ostermiller.  “While the world is our market, the local communities where our employees live hold a special place in our hearts.”