V Notch Weir


V Notch Weir Plasti-Fab composite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) Flow Metering Weirs are engineered to meet design criteria for accurate measurement. Composite FRP is corrosion resistant, low maintenance and pound-for-pound much stronger than steel. For over forty years, Plasti-Fab has been supplying composite FRP fluid measurement solutions for highly corrosive environments. Recognized around [...]

Slide Gate


Slide Gate or Penstock Industrial Slide gates are commonly used in open channel and moderate head applications to isolate equipment, divert flow, close off a wall opening, or cover a pipe that is flush with the wall. Plasti-Fab slide gates are manufactured of gray fiberglass reinforced plastic containing ultraviolet inhibitors. Plasti-Fab penstock is [...]

Wedging Titeseal® Gate


Wedging Titeseal® GateThe Tightest Sealing Slide Gate Available on the Market.The Wedging Titeseal® Slide Gate is commonly used as an emergency shutoff gate. Developed and patented by John Vitas at Plasti-Fab, it is the tightest sealing slide gate available on the market today. The Wedging Titeseal® design is capable of reaching extremely low leakage [...]

Stop Gate


Stop Gate Stop Gate and Stop Plate are interchangeable terms used to identify manually lifted gates that are installed in open channels. Stop gates are normally either in or out and do not include a stem or lifting mechanism. Smaller gates or gates with a balance (equalized) head can usually be raised by [...]

Heavy Duty Titeseal® Sluice Gate


Download Typical Sluice Gate Specification Request A Sluice Gate Quotation Contact Us Heavy Duty Titeseal® Gate or Sluice GateThe Heavy Duty Titeseal® Copolymer Slide Gate is a non-metallic, corrosion resistant gate that provides the engineer with a superior alternative to stainless steel and cast iron [...]

Downward Opening Weir Gate


Downward Opening Weir Gate The function of a down-opening weir gate is to control the upstream water level, and/or pace the amount of discharge from a water system. At times there will be a level control sensor in the system which is directly connected - controlling a modulating electric operator to automatically pace [...]

Flap Gate


Download Typical Flap Gate Specification Request A Flap Gate Quotation Contact Us Flap Gate The Plasti-Fab flexible neoprene flap gate is the answer for applications requiring corrosion resistant equipment suitable for sea water and most low pH water. Simple construction and light weight [...]

Fiberglass Stop Logs


Download Typical Stop Log Specification Request A Stop Log Quotation Contact Us Fiberglass Stop LogsPlasti-Fab heavy-duty fiberglass stop logs have been used successfully by engineers in a wide range of applications for over 40 plus years. Stop logs are in service throughout [...]

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