Baffle Wall


Baffle Wall The Plasti-Fab Composite Baffle Wall provides superior corrosion resistance while providing the flexibility of custom fabrication to meet specific application needs. All composite parts are guaranteed against corrosion.Plasti-Fab is a world class manufacturer of composites with over 40 years of experience designing, engineering and building products for fluid management and control. Plasti-Fab [...]

Floating Decanters


Floating Decanter Plasti-Fab Composite Floating Decanter is ideal for applications that require a continuous and even draw. As a leader in engineered composite components for the water and wastewater industry Plasti-Fab has tens of thousands of corrosion resistant products installed in corrosive environments around the world. For over years Plasti-Fab has been recognized [...]

Troughs & Launders


Troughs & Launders Plasti-Fab fiberglass Launders and backwash Troughs are typically designed for clarifiers and gravity filter systems in water/wastewater treatment plants. Long lasting Troughs are available in all sizes with flat,round, or V-shaped bottoms. Weir Plates and Scum Baffles are available for FRP or concrete troughs. Plasti-Fab troughs  are made of highly [...]

Rotating Scum Skimmers


FRP Rotating Scum Skimmers The FRP Rotating Scum Skimmer is designed for rectangular basins. Typical sizes range from 6 ft. to 20 ft. in length, and 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter. Most are manually operated with a lever arm. A handwheel or electric operator are available options. Normal maintenance consists of [...]

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