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Composite and Fiberglass Gages

Composite and Fiberglass Gages

As a leader in corrosion resistant equipment for fluid measurement and control, Plasti-Fab has thousands of gages installed in corrosive environments around the world. Plasti-Fab products are fabricated from highly corrosion resistant composite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with a 25 year corrosion warranty. Plasti-Fab is recognized around the world as an experienced innovator providing composite solutions for municipal and industrial fluid measurement applications. Plasti-Fab has made Fiberglass head Fluid Level Gagefor use in open channel flumes for over 20 years. Due to market demand, we now offer this same durable construction in all sizes of custom level fiberglass gages.

Key Features

  • Standard 1/4” thickness with custom thicknesses available
  • Premium grade isophthalic gel coat for long term corrosion resistance
  • “S” style stencil gage with large block lettering for easy reading
  • “P” style gage for smaller applications with various lettering styles available
  • Letter / numeral height and markings customized for each application
  • Impact resistant

Design Features and Accessories

  • Standard white background with black lettering or custom color combinations available
  • Markings available for elevations or increments in US, Imperial and/or Metric combinations
  • Standard gage widths: “P” style 3 to 6 inches and “S” style 6 to 14 inches. Custom widths available.
  • Mounting screws or anchor bolts available in various corrosion resistant materials
  • Factory drilled mounting holes
  • Optional frame for easy insert/removal
  • Alternative mounting styles available
  • Longer gages sectioned for shipping include splice plates for easy and accurate installation
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