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Energy Absorbing Manholes

Energy Absorbing Manhole

The Plasti-Fab energy absorbing manhole was an industry first and remains the most complete and easy-to- install in-ground flow velocity reducing package available. Plasti-Fab products are fabricated from highly corrosion resistant composite fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) with a 25 year corrosion warranty. Plasti-Fab is recognized around the world as an experienced innovator providing composite solutions for municipal and industrial fluid measurement and management applications.

Key Features

  • Reduces velocity in flow to increase accuracy of flow measurement.
  • Drop in place installation is fast and efficient.
  • Self Cleaning Design.
  • Integral Manhole and Energy baffle system.
  • Manhole barrel has white gel coated interior to maximize available light and sanitation.

Design Features and Accessories

  • Manholes available with:
  • Full Hinged Lid
  • H-20 Rated Cone Top
  • Aluminum Gas Tight Lid
  • Grated Top
  • Aluminum Hatch
  • Manholes pipe stubs built to match existing pipe ID and OD for easy installation
  • Reinforced Energy Baffle
  • Sidewalls custom built to efficiently funnel water back into pipe
  • Manhole bottom is sandwich construction to prevent oil-canning
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