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Trapezoidal Flumes

Trapezoidal Flumes

Trapezoidal flumes fall into two principal groups, 60º V-notch flumes and larger trapezoidal flumes. The 60º V flumes have a sharp V-throat section similar to a V-notch weir and produce superior resolution for accurate flow measurement down to 1 gpm. The larger trapezoidal flumes, up to the 2 foot SRCRC flume, have flat floors and sloping sidewalls and can handle flows up to 32 MGD.

Trapezoidal Flumes Key Features

All Trapezoidal flumes exhibit similar flow characteristics, and have application advantages over other flumes and weirs.

  • The bottom is flat from entrance to exit for better head conservation.
  • Trapezoidal flumes do not require a free-fall discharge to operate correctly.
  • The staff gage and instrument mounting brackets are located within the flume and are factory installed.
  • The natural shape of the flume mimics many earthen and concrete-lined ditches. Little or no transition is required in these situations.

60° V Trapezoidal flumes provide the only practical means of obtaining good flow data on low and intermittent flow streams. This flume produces more readable head under 10 gpm than any other flume or weir. Plasti-Fab has demonstrated the flumes effectiveness in over 20 years of use by small industries, developments, parks and communities.

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Flow Data
Trapezoidal Flumes 18''
Trapezoidal Flume Specs 18-45, 3-60, 2-SRCRC Spec
Trapezoidal Flumes
Trapezoidal Flume Specs SM-Lg-XL 60 V, 2in-45WSC & 12in-45 SRCRC Spec