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Troughs & Launders

Troughs & Launders

Plasti-Fab fiberglass Launders and backwash Troughs are typically designed for clarifiers and gravity filter systems in water/wastewater treatment plants. Long lasting Troughs are available in all sizes with flat,round, or V-shaped bottoms. Weir Plates and Scum Baffles are available for FRP or concrete troughs. Plasti-Fab troughs  are made of highly corrosion resistant composite FRP. They are light-weight and easy to install and are virtually maintenance free. Plasti-Fab has a variety of Flow Moderation Products designed for fluid control in corrosive environments. Composite FRP products offer a low-cost, long-lasting alternative to metal and concrete products, are pound-for-pound much stronger, require less cleaning and maintenance and are warranted for 25 years.

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