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Wedging Titeseal Gate

Wedging Titeseal® Gate

The Tightest Sealing Slide Gate Available on the Market.

The Wedging Titeseal® Slide Gate is commonly used as an emergency shutoff gate. Developed and patented by John Vitas at Plasti-Fab, it is the tightest sealing slide gate available on the market today. The Wedging Titeseal® design is capable of reaching extremely low leakage rates: less than 100 cc/min/foot of wetted perimeter. This is 4 to 5 times lower leakage than permitted by AWWA C-501, and applies to both seating and unseating heads. In actual practice, the Wedging Titeseal® Gates have been adjusted to the point of being nearly drip-tite. To avoid spillover, the size and placement of the gate must accommodate the highest expected containment level.

Wedging Titeseal® Features:

  • Seal off open channels where head will not exceed the top of the gate
  • Extremely Low Leakage for seating and unseating heads
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Custom sizes – See Slide Gate Chart
  • Best Available Technology – emergency shut-off, spill containment or isolation

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Wedging Titseal
Wedging Titeseal Specs