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1. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion Resistance

Are you worried about corrosion? Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is the material for you. Paired with the right resin, FRP can hold up in the most corrosive environments. Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid, just to name a few, will corrode and rot most metals and wood but not FRP. If you need a product that is going to be exposed to fresh water, salt water, sanitary water or even the high salt content in the air near the ocean, corrosive resistant FRP is your material. Plasti-Fab has working products in the field that are exceeding 25 years of regular use. This is the reason Plasti-Fab offers a piece of mind, 25-year corrosion warranty on all composite products.

We have been using 2 Plasti-Fab gates every other day for 30 years
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2. High Strength to Weight Ratio

High Strength to Weight Ratio

FRP is not only strong but light weight as well. FRP has a very high strength-to weight ratio as compared to other materials. If you compare a piece of FRP pound-for-pound with most metal or wood products, the FRP material will come out victorious.

Lightweight and Easy Installation: On average, FRP weighs around 5.5 times less than a similar piece of steel and is 75% lighter than a similar aluminum piece. This lightweight attribute can allow for much easier installation of an FRP product. Easier installations mean a much lower installation cost.

Quarter Inch Sheet of Material

Material Aluminum Stainless Steel FRP
Weight Average 3.5 lbs. Average 11 lbs. Average 2 lbs.

3. Virtually Maintenance Free

Virtually Maintenance Free

Many metals require frequent exercising to make sure the product doesn’t freeze in place due to corrosion. FRP doesn’t have this problem and your product will work when you need it to.

Sheet metal tends to dent or deform very easily and requires reconditioning and maintenance to get your product back in working order. FRP is very durable and tough and can withstand some of the most drastic circumstances.

4. Non Conductive/EMI & RFI Transparency

EMI & RFI Transparency

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio-frequency interference (RFI) is crucial to take into consideration when you have equipment or instrumentation that depends on accurate readings. FRP material is transparent to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Also, FRP is non-conductive. Fiberglass can be an electrical insulator if the material is needed to house certain electronics. This can be critical when dealing with liquids that are very combustible as well. Don’t worry about galvanic corrosion; sacrificial anodes and other means of protection are not required when utilizing FRP.

5. Versatility


Fiberglass can be made into many different shapes and sizes fairly easily as compared to metal. Different varieties of resin allow for FRP use in the most drastic environments. For instance, fire-retardant resins can make it so your FRP will not burn.

Expansion and contraction with heat and cold can be extremely important in certain circumstances. When paired with the right resin, FRP can be very durable in a wide range of temperatures, unlike a metal, plastic, or wood.

UV derogation: When paired with the correct resin and gel coat your material won’t crack or disintegrate. Plasti-Fab places UV inhibiters and pigment in their resin which allows the product to keep its structural integrity over long periods of time. One study shows that the tensile strength and tensile modulus loss over 35 years was very minimal.

Acoustical Advantages: When using metal where sound pollution is not acceptable, you’re going to have trouble keeping the sound waves from bouncing off the walls (literally). However, fiberglass tends to absorb sound waves much better, and when paired with additional materials, you can eliminate that pump sound to the outside world completely.

All at a Great Price

Good Price

Not only does FRP have great attributes but its competitively priced against high grade stainless steel. Below is a chart that is used by one of the largest composite suppliers.

Construction Material Installed Cost
Shop Fabricated FRP $50 /Sq. FT.
Field Fabricated FRP $70/ Sq. FT.
2205 Stainless Steel 3/8 inch Plate $225 / Sq. FT.
C- 276 Clad Carbon Steel $330 / Sq. FT.

*Raw Material Cost Only

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