Plasti-Fab, the manufacturer of world class composite solutions, creates Managed Emissions Processes Program to minimize their production footprint by reducing VOC emissions.

VOC Emissions


As a large manufacturer and producer of fiberglass composite solutions, Plasti-Fab Inc., based in Oregon, has shifted a large portion of its company focus towards curtailing the effect its production processes have on the environment. In 2009 Plasti-Fab officially launched its MEP Program or Managed Emissions Processes, which largely focuses on reducing VOC emissions. By successfully eliminating the use of Acetone as a process solvent, reducing usage from 2000 gallons a year to less than 70 gallons per year, they were able to cut VOC emissions from Acetone by more than 96%. As a result of these efforts, Plasti-Fab will go from a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) of hazardous waste – nearly 17,000 pounds annually, to a Conditionally Exempt Generator (CEG) – less than 2640 pounds annually. They are eligible for a reduced air permit as well.

In addition to its heavy concentration on improving Acetone levels, Plasti-Fab has also switched its process of dispensing resin from traditional containers to closed dispensing systems. This manages and controls the VOC of gassing emissions by more than 80% for infusion oriented processes.

In 2010, Plasti-Fab officially began recycling and reusing fiberglass waste in the form of a recycled FRP compound. This compound is not only greener, but also much stronger and will replace several poly foam materials currently being used in various projects.

These concentrated efforts have received very positive feedback from the small community of Tualatin, Oregon where they are headquartered. According to the Cleanwater Systems with the Oregon DEQ, who monitors the Tualatin Wetlands adjacent to their production facility, Plasti-Fab’s habits as a large scale international manufacturer are to be commended, “They {Plasti-Fab} have improved storage and handling and test results have shown good numbers. The company has become greener in their entire facility.”

About Plasti-Fab
Plasti-Fab is a world class composite products manufacturer focused on flexible manufacturing that solves customer’s needs. For over 40 years they have produced engineered products designed to meet specific application requirements. Plasti-Fab serves the global marketplace from their facilities in Tualatin, Oregon and Lakeland, Florida, as a service-oriented organization with the experience necessary to recommend workable equipment and installation modifications when required.